Booking Changes

Only Lead Guests can request to change or remove existing guests, or to upgrade to a higher priced category.  Downgrading your cabin to a cabin of lesser value is not allowed. The Lead Guest must request these changes by phone or email.  In some cases a signed Reservation Change Form may be required.  This form can be found here.

Because the Lead Guest owns the reservation, any changes to this guest are subject to a Lead Guest change fee of $299, and will require a signed Reservation Change Form. No lead guest changes or transfers are permitted after November 23, 2021 OR once the event is on a waiting list, whichever comes first.

ALL names must be received by November 23, 2021.  Each reservation is allowed one free name change prior to November 23, 2021.  Additional changes prior to that date are subject to a $50 administrative fee per change.

Any changes, including adding unnamed guests made after November 23, 2021, but more than one week before the cruise are $75 per change. Any changes, including adding unnamed guests made within a week of the cruise are $100 per change. Changes or additions made within the week prior to sailing must be done in person at check-in, and may incur a fee up to $299 per change.